Terms of Services
Before you start using our services you automation agree to our terms of services.

[1] We have rights to suspend or delete your server anytime if we are suspecting about server is breaking our ToS.
If our management thinks your server or account is breaking our ToS or even damaging our systems, then we have rights to suspend or delete your account and server (-s)

[2] No refunds.
We are not offering refunds.

[3] No bitcoin miners or any software for damaging our systems.
Bitcoin miners or any other software what damaging our systems will result a blacklist from our services.

[4] No exploits.
You have no rights to use any exploit. Any exploit using will be punished.

[5] We have rights to change terms of services and privacy policy anytime.
We can change terms of services or privacy policy anything without customer noticing.

[6] No multi accounts or alts.
Any alt or multi accounts will be banned.

[7] You have no rights to resell our services.
Any reselling of our services will result a blacklist form our services.

[8] Changing packages (plans).
We have right to change any package perks, names, price, other stuff and deleting the packages.